Company Profile

Guru Automation manufactures automatic control systems for machines and plants. The experience gained in various sectors of automation (as Marine, Oil & Gas, Robotics, Pharma, Automatic Wharehouses, Handling of materials, Kiln plants, foundries, etc)and industrial electrical systems and the skills of its collaborators give the company the opportunity to assist and support the customer in design choices from conception to implementation up to after-sales service. In order to achieve the highest quality of execution and the best implementation times, Guru Automation internally manages all aspects of design and production. The company has a technical office for the design and implementation of electrical diagrams and control SW, a workshop for wiring the automation and distribution panels and a team of technicians for service activities. The company has staff and collaborators together make team of subject matter experts (SME’s) in the field of Electrical, Instruments & Control Systems providing industrial automation solutions & Engineering consultancy services with a combined experience of our technicians more than 15 years in various process industries. The company policy and our strong point is to have a network of collaborators located all over the world that allows us to be very competitive and satisfy the needs of ours in any field of automation.

Guru Automation srl through the network of collaborators is able to supply local technical personnel around the world. This allows our company to be much more competitive and above all “obliges” the customer to choose this option as it is more advantageous than using its own staff. We can provide the software development service independently or through the network of collaborators with “unlimited” resources without incurring fixed costs. The preparation of our collaborators is our strong point.

We are signing following agreements with our collaborators and our clients:

  1. Economic contracts and priority services.
  2. Non-competition agreements.
  3. NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements).

This allows Guru Automation to protect us from suppliers and have priority services in order to respond promptly to customer requests. At the same time, it allows us to be a reference point for customers as well as being a preferred supplier. So it is also a security from the point of view of insured work in the long term.